Scope of Project(s):

2D – Various Blocks- Reprocess, phase match and tie over 2,000Km’s of multi- vintage data. Produce accurate dip and structurally correct image.

3D’s –Multiple Blocks -Process new shooting and merge previously acquired surveys with consistent datums, statics and structural imaging.

Offshore 3D’s- Merge on-offshore transition zone shooting, process offshore survey for new critical exploratory well.


2D- Original data was lacking in consistent near surface statics. We reworked geoms, then built a refraction model using a short period sand dune correction, long period weathered zone correction and short period refraction statics. Uphole velocity data was also incorporated. Multiple velocities and decons tested prior to going to migration. Similar near surface issues were addressed in 3D’s with additional filtering and PreStack Time Migration.

Offshore 3D’s- Transition zone projects required both statics and water bottom multiple solutions prior to PSTM. Additional offshore projects implemented a variety of testing with demultiple and filtering techniques including Tau-P decon and Radon. Steep dipping beds were accurately imaged with PSTM and prepped for PSDM.


Client’s were highly satisfied with 2D resolution and 3D PSTM projects led to successful drilling campaigns with PreStack Depth Imaging to follow.

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