Scope of Project(s):

Reprocess 2000 + Km’s of multi-vintage, multi source 2D seismic, phase match and tie for regional grid optimally identifying major horizons and any sand intervals.

New 3D acquisition processing for 4 phases of 1400 Km2 to identify several sandstone intervals separated by evaporates/ carbonates. Maintain relative amplitudes and as much frequency content as possible while reducing multiples.


2D- Review and correct all geometries, establish datums, replacement velocities, decons and rigorous testing of statics solution. Test imaging capacities of older data for DMO-Post Stack Migrations vs PreStack Time Migration.

3D data was processed to maintain frequency and true amplitudes for optimal structural and stratigraphic content. Phase matching as new phases integrated while statics and decons tested for balance of sand interval imaging vs multiples. PreStack Time Migration run for each new merge and final overall dataset.


Clients were delivered all data in timely increments with reliable structural images, well defined horizons with minimal multiple interference. Several new discoveries were drilled off this volume.

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