Appalachians- Marcellus Shale

Scope of Project(s)

Reprocess, Phase match and tie over 2000 miles multi- vintage, multi source 2D into reliable regional grid highlighting Marcellus Shale- Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia

Process new 2D / 3D shooting for immediate drilling objectives.

Process new 3D data for Marcellus objectives through PreStack Time Migration generating Post Stack outputs for on-the-fly review.


2D- Review and correct all geometries, establish datums, replacement velocities, decons and consistent statics solution. Test imaging capacities of older data for DMO-Post Stack Migrations vs PreStack Time Migration

3D- Review and correct all geometries, test decons, apply 3 stages of velocity picks, test PSTM velocities, run PreStack Time Migration.


Successful definitive imaging of shale in 2D and 3D volumes. 2D was tied in an easily interpretable grid. Short turnaround provided to clients with immediate drilling needs.

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