Arkoma- Arkansas- Fayetteville Shale

Scope of Project(s):

Reprocess 2000 + miles of multi-vintage, multi source 2D seismic, phase match and tie for regional grid.

New acquisition processing for 15 surveys (over 1000 square miles), then merge new surveys for shale horizontal drilling program.


2D data was streamed in as purchased and geometries were verified (some rebuilt), then statics model built and lines were tied to provide regional grid.

3D data was processed to maintain frequency and true amplitudes for attribute and fracture detection work. As projects were shot, various datasets were remerged and remigrated for consistent binning and seamless data volume. PreStack Depth was run on several volumes to refine subtle structures and fracturing.


Clients were delivered all data in timely increments with reliable structural images and well defined horizons that helped expedite horizontal drilling programs.

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