HARDIN Quality Geophysics


Scope of Project(s)

Reprocess and merge (4) 3D surveys for multi pay objectives in Sacramento Basin through PreStack Time Migration for one contiguous, interpretable dataset.

San Joaquin - South Belridge area, reprocess 3D to improve structural and stratigraphic resolution for multiple pay zones and EOR.

LA Basin- Inglewood Field- Process new reshooting of old field to highlight deeper objectives and maintain frequency for traditional production zones.


Sac Basin 3Ds- Review and corrected multiple geometry errors, phase match, test decons, apply 3 stages of velocity picks, run PreStack Time Migration.

South Belridge 3D- Geometry corrections and high degree client interaction developed detailed velocity work and decons dealing with signal to noise ratio prior to PSTM.

Inglewood 3D- Survey required significant geometry correction and careful velocity evaluation for PreStack Time Migration.


Sac Basin 3D’s- Merged 3D volume with significantly better defined interpretable contiguous horizons and structure.

South Belridge 3D- A much improved image better defining additional structural and stratigraphic traps.

Inglewood 3D- Geom corrections and rigorous velocity selections coupled with a strong PSTM proved to provide ultimate imaging of complex structures as well as previously undefined deeper prolific sands.

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