East Texas-Louisiana- Mississippi, Alabama, Florida,

Scope of Projects

Reprocess, Phase match and tie over 3000 miles multi- vintage, multi source 2D into reliable regional grid with multiple horizons- East Texas- Louisiana

Reprocess multiple regional grids of 2D data throughout especially, salt and basement ( Smackover) structuringEast Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama.

Process 3D’s through PreStack Time Migration in and around salt domes for better structural resolution near the salt….. identify Bossier-Haynesville sequence in relevant areas.

Implement PreStack Depth Migration to optimize resolution in and around salt as well as faulting and fault shadows as applicable.


2D- Review and correct all geometries, establish datums, replacement velocities, decons and consistent statics solution. Test imaging capacities of older data for DMO-Post Stack Migrations vs PreStack Time Migration

3D- Review and correct all geometries, test decons, apply 3 stages of velocity picks, test PSTM velocities, run PreStack Time Migration.

3D PreStack Depth Migration- Identify horizons with interpreter, pick velocities on primary horizons, interpreter repicks them in depth, continue multiple iterations to obtain maximum resolution, tie well formation picks to seismic.


Clients were delivered all data in timely increments with reliable structural images and well defined horizons and basement structures that helped expedite drilling programs. In every depth project, resolution was enhanced, percentage of increased resolution limited only by effort (fold and offset) of data.

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