Gulf Coast

Scope of Project(s):

Multiple 3D new and reprocess surveys with a wide variety of acquisition parameters, including in and around salt features and focusing on amplitude and frequency preservation for AVO and reservoir characterization.

Reprocess and merge (6) South Louisiana transition zone 3D surveys (500+ mi2) into one contiguous interpretable dataset maintaining frequency and amplitudes for attribute work while focusing on critical deep structural image. Ultimately prepare for depth imaging. Surveys were of different vintages, sources and bin sizes. 


Surveys are reviewed and geom’s checked thoroughly, appropriate statics tested and applied, True amplitude recovery and corrections applied, focused PSTM and velocities, then full PSTM and in some cases PSDM run.

Trans Zone-Datasets arrived from several different sources. Original survey data on two datasets were incorrect and required significant detailed geometry revisions.  Surveys were phase-matched and refraction statics model applied across entire dataset. A bin direction was implemented and velocities updated with a ¼ mile velocity pick prior to Curved Ray PreStack Time Migration.  


In every case, the data imaging was improved and working with the client, the applicable displays adjusted.

TransitionZone-Clients drilled discovery and multiple 22,000+’ wells on deep structures. 



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