North Texas- Barnett Shale

Scope of Project:

Reprocess and merge (43) 3D surveys ( 1200 square miles) into one contiguous interpretable dataset matching several horizons Surveys were of different vintages, sources with some new shooting and varied in size from a few square miles to 60 + square miles. Project was initiated with 20 surveys and over time doubled in number of surveys and size.


Data came from numerous sources and a variety of media formats. Once initial data was loaded a statics model was built which had to be readjusted several times as new surveys were added. A bin direction was implemented velocities constantly adjusted and phase matching was readdressed as some surveys did not have much overlap or just butted up to initial merged volume. Kirchhoff PreStack Time Migration was run multiple times. Several new surveys were also processed on-the-fly to help client stay in front of drilling program, then merged.


Client received intermediate outputs of PSTM dataset as desired throughout the project, then the final dataset as all surveys were integrated. Final product gave one reliable phase matched PSTM volume to pick consistent horizons for horizontal drilling throughout the play.

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