Permian Basin-West Texas, New Mexico,

Scope of Project(s)

Reprocess, Phase match and tie over 2000 miles multi- vintage, multi source 2D into reliable regional grid –Delaware-Val Verde Basins for target objectives and prelim for new 3D surveys.

Reprocess and merge (4) 3D surveys for multi pay objectives on Central basin Platform through PreStack Time Migration and PreStack depth Migration.


2D- Review and correct all geometries, establish datums, replacement velocities, decons and establish refraction statics solution across grid then migrate.

3D- Review and correct all geometries, phase match, test decons, apply 3 stages of velocity picks, run PreStack Time Migration. 3D PreStack Depth Migration- Identify horizons with interpreter, pick velocities on primary horizons, interpreter repicks them in depth, continue multiple iterations to obtain maximum resolution, tie well logs to seismic. 


Successful definitive imaging of critical intervals with tied dataset in an easily interpretable grid.

Merged 3D volume better defined interpretable contiguous horizons and PreStack Depth product not only enhanced  structural resolution but expedited pending drilling program. 

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